My name is Elysia Paisley. I am a clinical psychologist working in Melbourne. My background is in mental health, prisons and private practice. I work with young people and their parents, teachers and schools.

I am passionate about the issue of mental health and wellbeing of children and young people and the impact of bullying.

Bullying in primary schools is very common. In Australia, one in four students report that they have been bullied. More recent research has found that approximately one in three children are involved in bullying - either as victims, bullies or bystanders. Bullying can have serious and long-lasting negative consequences including anxiety, depression, substance abuse, suicide and self-harm, and violence.

In my work, I see the impact that bullying can have on traumatised students and distressed parents. I see adults in their 30s, 40s and 50s who have been affected by bullying as children. I work with teachers that are trying to juggle lesson plans and dealing with challenging behaviours and the wellbeing of their students.

My passion and experience in the area has led me to develop a range of evidence-based bullying workshops to empower students, teachers and parents and equip them with skills and techniques to address bullying and related issues. 


The Bullying Awareness and Prevention Program is an innovative, antibullying and violence prevention program for primary schools. It is a comprehensive, whole-of-school approach comprising the 'STOP BULLY! Bullying Program' for students, the 'Positive Schools Bullying Workshop for Teachers', and the 'STOP BULLY! Positive Parents Bullying Workshop'. The Bullying Awareness and Prevention Program has been reviewed and endorsed by the national body BeYou and is listed in the Australian Programs Directory.

The Program is grounded in theory and the latest national and international research. It is based on the successful anti-bullying and anti-violence 'Back Off Bully Program'  by Stuart Tremlow and Frank Sacco. Importantly, the Bullying Awareness and Prevention Program and its three components scaffold existing bullying approaches and curriculum in primary schools.

The Bullying Awareness and Prevention Program can help to create a safe and positive environment where students and staff are supported to learn and develop, and are provided the skills to understand, recognise and respond to bullying behaviour.

The Program differs from other programs which often involve lesson plans by teachers and are skill based. It is facilitated by an experienced clinical psychologist, is customised to meet the needs of each school and specifically addresses the dynamics of bullying as well as skill building including communication skills and mindfulness techniques.

The Bullying Awareness and Prevention Program is an investment in the long-term safety and wellbeing of students and staff. It is an exciting opportunity for primary schools to make a real difference in the growth and development of their students.















STOP BULLY! Positive Parents Bullying Workshops and Positive Schools Bullying Workshops for teachers are run throughout the year. Click the icons, and check back for announcements and the Facebook page.

Telephone (03) 9548 1666 for more information or submit an online enquiry.

I hope to see you at one of the workshops soon!


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Parent Workshops

Teacher Workshops


STOP BULLY! Student Program and Bullying Prevention Workshops

The program and workshops focus on understanding bullying, developing skills to handle resolve conflict peacefully and stand up to bullies, and ways of managing strong emotions.

Positive Schools Bullying Workshops for Teachers

These workshops examine the psychological aspects of physical aggression, cyberbullying and social aggression which can culminate in serious violent incidents and result in academic, social and emotional difficulties.

STOP BULLY! Positive Parents Bullying Workshops

In these workshops, parents and carers will learn practical ways to address bully-related problems within the home and at school.


“I thought I already knew a lot about bullying and was surprised how much I learnt. Elysia gets you thinking about the dynamics of bullying and what you can do. I would definitely recommend this workshop."

- Tom​