Telehealth generally refers to the use of technologies such as video, telephone and email to provide psychological assessment and support. 

Victoria has been significantly impacted by the COVID-19 global pandemic. Paisley Psychology Services transitioned to telehealth clinical psychology sessions in April 2020 for the health, safety and wellbeing of patients and staff. Patients have provided positive feedback about the benefits of remaining connected and supported during this challenging time. There will be a gradual return to face-to-face sessions, subject to the public health advice and by agreement.  

The government has advised that Medicare will provide rebates for telehealth sessions on an ongoing basis. This is good news and increases the flexibility and convenience of sessions. For example, if you have work or family commitments, telehealth may be an option, rather than cancelling an appointment altogether.

Telehealth sessions can occur via video or telephone if you prefer. You will need to find a private and quiet space where there is adequate lighting and no distractions. You can use a range of devices for the video counselling session including a computer, mobile telephone and tablet.  

All patients require a referral and mental health care plan by a General Practitioner, Psychiatrist or Paediatrician to be eligible for the Medicare rebate. Private health insurers, WorkSafe and the Transport Accident Commission are also providing rebates for telehealth clinical psychology sessions.