Review &

Future Plans

The global pandemic has had a significant impact on individuals, communities and businesses. The practice responded quickly and transitioned to telehealth services. We are working toward a complete return to sessions in the office, although this will be a gradual change. With the rapidly changing situation, we believe that this is the best approach and consistent with health and professional advice.

Practice Management

The COVID-19 crisis and the move to telehealth has had a range of practical implications and it was necessary to make a raft of changes. It has been a good opportunity to review processes including administration and clinical issues.   


A decision has been made to adopt an electronic practice management system to streamline record keeping and payments, and focus on the clinical work. Halaxy is widely used in psychology, allied health and medical clinics across Australia and globally. Information is stored confidentially and securely, and can be entered by both staff and patients. The practice will be transitioning to Halaxy on 1st March 2021. One of the aims is to process Medicare rebates promptly and efficiently.

What next?

You will receive information in the coming days and a request to update your personal details including your address, telephone and Medicare card details. Once this information is received, invoices, receipts and Medicare rebates can be processed online within a short timeframe. This should reduce the time between attending a session and submitting Medicare claims.

Please complete your health record when you receive the email - it is only brief. You will need your Medicare card handy.

Anything else?

Importantly -  from 1st March Medicare claims will only be submitted on your behalf if you have an electronic record on Halaxy. If you have not updated your details with Halaxy, you will need to submit your claim yourself, online via MyGov or at your local Medicare office. I would encourage you to respond to the message and register your details as soon as you can.


Feel free to phone or email if you have any questions, or we can discuss them in your next session. 

This is a really positive step and we are looking forward to everyone embracing the changes!