My name is Elysia Paisley.

I am an experienced clinical psychologist

working in the south eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

In my practice I see children, teenagers and adults with a diverse range of issues.

I am contacting local schools to introduce myself.

Anxiety, depression and mental health concerns are very common in children and teenagers.

Fourteen percent of children aged 4 - 17 have mental health or behavioural problems.

This is one in seven young people. One third of these have two or more diagnosable conditions.

Only one in six children and young people with mental health problems actually receive professional help.

Most children and families suffer alone.

The sooner that problems are identified and children are provided support, the better the outcome.

As you know, starting school can be an exciting but stressful and difficult time for students and families.

Sometimes students of all ages and stages experience problems at home including family breakdown, substance abuse and violence. There are some students that refuse to attend school or display behavioural problems in the classroom. Other students suffer anxiety and depression, sometimes with suicidal thoughts.

There can be high demand on schools to provide psychological support for students.

Sometimes parents prefer that their child see a professional outside of the school environment.

If you identify students who you feel might benefit from counselling and additional support, or if a student reports difficulties, encourage the child and family to see their GP or paediatrician and

obtain a psychology referral.

I am available and would be happy to see your school students.

I can also deliver training to your teachers or facilitate workshops for your students or their parents.

You are welcome to contact me on (03) 9548 1666.