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Book Review: A Girl Like Me

"A Girl Like Me" is a biography written by Niki Wetherall. It describes her personal journey and struggle to become a mother. A Girl Like Me is a story of love, of loss and of yearning. Niki tells her story in a way that can be understood and allows the reader to take the difficult journey with her. It is also a story of hope, resilience and determination.

Niki writes about two significant events in her life which collide without warning - her desire and efforts to become a mother and her husband's life threatening diagnosis of cancer. Niki shows resilience in coping with her situation as her focus shifts from parenthood to supporting her husband and his recovery.

Niki kept a journal throughout those years which helped her to express her feelings, and make sense of and come to terms with her situation. The book is based on her journal over a two-year period and offers a deeply private glimpse into her experiences.

The book appeals to a broad audience; most women and men can relate to the themes that Niki explores - longing, loss, love, helplessness, illness, despair and hope, regardless of whether the reader has experienced difficulty falling pregnant, miscarriage or illness. However, given that many couples experience problems with fertility, readers might be reminded of a family member or friend who has struggled with infertility. Niki's story resonates because it conveys the complexities of infertility which typically occur in the context of other day-to-day challenges and sometimes, against the backdrop of life changing events.

'A Girl Like Me' is highly recommended.

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