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Social Media Dramas?

Are you the parent of a child or teenager?

Do you know what they're getting up to online?

It can be hard for parents to keep an eye on or keep track of their child's internet and social networking activity. New apps and games are being released all of the time and often parents are "behind the eight ball" with technology and aren't familiar with them. Common apps and social media platforms include Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Monkey and Twitter.

Here is a list of some basic suggestions that can help to keep your young person safe online:

  • Get familiar with commonly used social media, networking sites, games and apps

  • Openly communicate and discuss social media and internet use

  • No electronics in the bedroom or private spaces because this can increase the secrecy around the young person's use and makes monitoring more difficult

  • Use parental settings

  • Use privacy settings

  • Supervise online activity

  • Establish rules for use

  • Take a screen shot of inappropriate comments and images

  • Report and block inappropriate comments, cyberbullying and users

As mentioned, this is a brief list only and there are a range of other useful strategies.

The Office of the eSafey Commissioner promotes online safety for children and adults. There are a range of resources available on the website and advice about a range of internet safety issues including privacy and security, cyberbullying and wellbeing. I recommend that you check out the website.

Click the link below for information about some of the games, apps and social networking sites that are commonly used by young people and adults.

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