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Cybersafety and Social Media - The Hunting

Are you concerned about the impact of social media on children and young people?

The SBS in conjunction with the Office of the eSafety Commissioner have produced a four part drama series - The Hunting. It follows the lives of four teenagers who are involved in sharing explicit photos on social media. It shows the events leading up to and the fallout of the scandal on the teenagers, their families and teachers.

The Hunting is an Australian series and so families and young people should be able to relate. The eSafety Commissioner has produced some resources to accompany the series to help parents, carers and teachers to talk with their children about the content and have a discussion about the real issues associated with social media use. It could also be a good opportunity as adults to get familiar with the issues yourself.

Tune in to SBS each Thursday at 8.30pm from 1st August.

Click the image to watch the trailer.

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