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One in four Australian students report being bullied at school.

Bullying has a serious and long-lasting impact on children including mental health problems, reduced academic results, substance abuse, violence, and suicide and self-harm.

The BULLYING AWARENESS AND PREVENTION PROGRAM is an antibullying and violence prevention program for primary schools. It is a whole-of-school approach comprising the eight-session 'Finding My Voice Program' for students in grades five and six, the 'Positive Schools Bullying Workshop' for teachers, and the 'STOP BULLY! Positive Parents Bullying Workshopโ€™. The Program and its three components scaffold existing bullying approaches in primary schools. The Bullying Awareness and Prevention Program has been reviewed and endorsed by the national body BeYou and is listed in the Australian Programs Directory. โ€‹ The Bullying Awareness and Prevention Program is an investment in the long-term safety and wellbeing of students and staff. It is an exciting opportunity for primary schools to make a real difference in the growth and development of their students. If you are interested in running the Program in your school - or the standalone teacher or parent workshops, get in touch today. Bookings are being taken for 2020. Check out the links to the Paisley Psychology Services and BeYou websites for more information.

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