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A Message to the Important People

This is a message to the important people of school leavers.

Today is a big day. One of nervous anticipation. No doubt there is a mix of emotions - excitement, surprise, relief and perhaps, disappointment.

It is important at this time to remain positive and supportive. To some of the schoolies that haven’t done as well as they had hoped or where there could be a concern about getting into the preferred course, the future can seem bleak. It is essential that the important people hold the hope. Recognise the achievement- they survived! Provide reassurance. Everything will be okay. Take the pressure off. There are always options. Important people need to believe this message also. Family and friends will all be curious and there is a lot of chatter and questions about “what did you get?” Field some of those questions. Remain positive. Tell people that your schoolie “did well” - not the score - and that the future will be bright. Post proud messages on Facebook. For extended family and friends - avoid asking about the score. It’s not particularly helpful. Young people are so much more than a final grade. Yes, it can open doors and close others but remember, there are options and it will all work out in the end.

In five years down the track, the question is not “what’s your score?” but “what are you doing?” .

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