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I am pleased to now offer online staff wellbeing and mental health workshops.

It is clear that events over the last few months have negatively impacted people’s mental health. Whether people are coming in to the office or working from home, there may be stresses and strains.

It is essential that employers, managers and team leaders provide support to their staff. Regular discussions about wellbeing - as a team and individually, are important in maintaining the workforce.

The online wellbeing workshops support the Occupational Health and Safety and wellbeing policies of organisations, and equip employees with skills to enhance their wellbeing and to assist leaders and managers to support their staff.

💫 Invest in your team

💫 Improve staff wellbeing and mental health

💫 Be proactive

💫 Promote a supportive work culture

💫 Receive written resources

💫 Personalised online workshops to suit your workplace

💫 Affordable

✅ Small Businesses

✅ Organisations

✅ Community Centres and Agencies

✅ Schools

Arrange a consultation to discuss your needs.

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