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STOP BULLY! Bullying Prevention Workshops

Is your school committed to reducing bullying and improving student wellbeing?

Invest in the STOP BULLY! Positive Schools Bullying Prevention Workshops.

10 reasons for arranging STOP BULLY! Workshops at your school -

  1. Bullying is a serious issue affecting one in four students with long-lasting negative social, emotional and academic difficulties

  2. Bullying can be detrimental to the school culture

  3. The STOP BULLY! Positive Schools Workshops are an evidence-based approach that have been found to reduce bullying in schools both nationally and internationally

  4. The workshops are designed to teach the skills needed to address bullying in classrooms and schools more broadly which will improve classroom behaviour and relationships, and could improve the school culture

  5. The workshops are delivered by Elysia Paisley, a clinical psychologist experienced in child development, bullying, and violence

  6. The workshops focus on age appropriate strategies for primary school students

  7. Students will develop an understanding bullying, learn skills to handle conflict peacefully and stand up to bullies, and ways of managing strong emotions

  8. Teachers will learn strategies that they can share and implement within the school

  9. Opportunity to actively engage with the workshop material and discuss real life scenarios

  10. Teacher wellbeing and self-care will be canvassed

Reach out and enquire about running STOP BULLY! workshops in your schools.

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