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Tele-Counselling Available to Those Impacted by the Coronavirus

On 11th March, the Australian Government announced a $2.4 billion package to combat the Coronavirus or COVID-19. This included funding for a new Medicare telehealth service for people in isolation or quarantine as a result of Coronavirus. Telehealth sessions can occur via video or telephone.

What does this mean for me?

You are eligible for the telehealth clinical psychology sessions if:

· You are at risk of developing COVID-19 and have a Mental Health Care Plan OR

· You are diagnosed with COVID-19 and have a Mental Health Care Plan

· The psychology practice is closed because of Coronavirus and you have a Mental Health Care Plan

The sessions will be bulk billed. This means that there are no out-of-pocket expenses, even for those people who do not have a health care or pension card.

It is important that you receive support, particularly at a time of increased anxiety and isolation. Video and telephone counselling can be a beneficial way of staying connected, improving wellbeing and working through difficulties.


Elysia is offering bulk billed telehealth sessions via a range of online platforms including ‘Zoom’ and by telephone. This includes new patients and existing ones. Telehealth sessions are a great opportunity to continue therapy, even when it’s not possible to attend the office because of Coronavirus, or in the instance that it is necessary to close the office. Be open minded and give it a try.

Telephone (03) 9548 1666 to discuss the details and arrange an appointment.

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