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TikTok - Important Warning For Parents

You may be aware that there is a TikTok video circulating through various social media sites of a man committing suicide.

The video has been downloaded and is being passed around on TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other forums. Sometimes it is being embedded or “cut and pasted” in seemingly “safe” videos and so it is not just an issue for kids with a TikTok or social media account. It is an issue for all young people who use the internet. With remote learning, that’s many kids right now.

I have chosen not to post a photo or clip of the video, because it is shocking and distressing. A google search will bring up the details.

If your kids and teens have seen the video, they may be quite distressed and need extra support. You may choose to keep them offline today and closely monitor their internet use in coming days. If you have seen the video yourself, you may find it helpful to talk as well.

Check out the blog for further tips for dealing with this situation.

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