Paisley Psychology Services can customise a training package for your workplace. Topics include:

  • mental health

  • wellbeing and self-care

  • suicide and self-harm

  • managing conflict in the workplace

  • responding to aggressive clients

  • vestibular disorder, dizziness and mental health

  • forensic training

Paisley Psychology Services is now offering online staff wellbeing and mental health workshops.

With the global pandemic and COVID-19, people's mental health has been negatively impacted. Whether people are coming in to the office or working from home, there may be stresses and strains.

The online workshops support the OHS and wellbeing policies of organisations and equip employees with the skills to enhance their wellbeing and to assist team leaders and managers to support their staff.

Paisley Psychology Services can also provide support and advice to your organisation. Topics include:

  • team cohesion

  • managing conflict in the workplace

  • psychological first aid following an incident

  • risk management

  • operational reviews

Paisley Psychology Servics can assist your organisaion to develop and evaluate interventions. These include:

  • forensic interventions including group treatment programs - violent offending, general offending, anger management, substance use, wellbeing, and remandees

  • mental health concerns

  • physical conditions including vestibular disorder and dizziness, and breast cancer

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