Paisley Psychology Services can customise a training package for your workplace. Topics include:

  • mental health

  • wellbeing and self-care

  • suicide and self-harm

  • managing conflict in the workplace

  • resonding to aggressive clients

  • vestibular disorder, dizziness and mental health

  • forensic training

Paisley Psychology Servics can also provide suport and advice to your organisation. Topics include:

  • team cohesion

  • managing conflict in the workplace

  • psychological first aid following an incident

  • risk management

  • operational reviews

Paisley Psychology Servics can assist your organisaion to develop and evaluate interventions. These include:

  • forensic interventions including group treatment programs - violent offending, general offending, anger management, substance use, wellbeing, and remandees

  • mental health concerns

  • physical conditions including vestibular disorder and dizziness, and breast cancer

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